50$ for a week?? x.x

May 1, 2011 3:04pm CST
If you only have 50$ to spend for a week, how and what would you spend it on for the whole week? Just wondering since I only have 50 now to spend till next monday ;)
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• United States
1 May 11
Well, you can make $10 last you a week easily when it comes to food. Do you have a store called ALDI in your neighborhood? If yes, check it out, they have really good generic-brand food that's dirt cheap and it tastes really good, I can fill up a whole shopping cart and barely spend $70, and my fridge is packed for a whole month. Besides that, sell pot. Haha, maybe not seriously, but it's a good investment especially in inner-cities. It's dirty but it gets the job done. And if you're a stoner like me, you can pack a nice bowl or two after a long day :)