Fan fiction anyone...?

United States
May 2, 2011 12:22am CST
Okay, so I just started writing fan fiction again after like 3 or 4 years but this time, I am writing anime/manga on . Right now, I am writing most Dragon Ball Z fan fiction, mostly because I like Gohan/Videl and Goku/Chi-Chi. I don't know why but they all just seem so cool! Anyways, have any advice writing fanfiction? Like, any styles or situations you like? Do's or Don'ts? And also, do you write fanfiction? What kind? I wanna read some! XD
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2 May 11
i would like to apologize before i ask all this stupid question. what is fan fiction ? i went to the site you mention but could not get proper answer. is it a story written by fan using same character ?? sorry, it was in manga section so i wanted to know
• Panama
2 May 11
Fanfiction are stories created by a fan based on a series it could include endings that the fan think how it should have ended, parallel worlds, your favorite pairings, everything you could think. If you have read a manga and you liked it you should try and find a fanfiction it will make the story more interesting telling you things you didn't noticed or noticed.
@viney17 (688)
• Philippines
4 Oct 11
Hey hey what is your name on fanfiction? my name there is shinichixshiho or shihoxshinichi i dont remember. I only wrote 3 stories one-shots on detective conan, about the pairing of conan and ai . i think i wrote that 3 or 4 yrs ago so i kinda suck at english back then :))
@drasnian (548)
22 Jun 11
I love fanfiction. I, like you, wrote a long time ago, and am just now coming back into it. I write Harry Potter fanfiction though. The biggest tip I can give you is PLANNING. There's nothing more frustrating than getting really engrossed in a fanfic, just to find out the author's moved on/given up/has no plans to continue it. Plus, staring at a chapter blankly wondering where to go with it is a horrible feeling, so it's worth having a general plan, whether that's a detailed view of every chapter or a general idea of the plot or just ideas for a few chapters ahead. Another important thing to consider, is whether you know anyone who could beta for you. They can go through a chapter once it's finished, check the spelling, grammar, general flow of a piece. They can also tell you if you've confused the readers, especially with dialogue. It may be obvious to you who's talking, but just sometime you forget to put something to give it away, which is where a beta comes in. The folks at are generally a nice bunch - if there's anything wrong with your writing, they're likely to point it out in a friendly constructive way. The best way to improve is to keep writing.