I need suggestions for my book.;)

@aksehc (18)
May 2, 2011 4:00am CST
Hi mylotters! I am currently making a gender related story. It's about a female baby, that was born in an all girls laboratory island. I just want to test if the environment affects the gender and the labels of gender nowadays. And somehow I want to prove something. Its really about the feminine side of life that was really neglected nowadays. So this means that "the experiment baby" is not aware that there are males in the world. I just want to ask if what do you think will be her problems, questions while she is in the all girl lab? Well, of course, her first question is where did she came from? haha but I need more comments and suggestions on this. Thank you.:)
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@Mayuko (1272)
• United States
6 Sep 11
I think it's interesting that you say "the feminine side of life" but if there are only females, I doubt there would be a lot of "feminine" traits. I mean, when people think about the stereotypical personality differences between men and women, men are strong, and tough, while women are sensitive and nurturing. I would imagine that without men, the girls would probably be somewhere in the middle of the two. There wouldn't be any assigned gender roles. Also, I don't know exactly what direction you're taking your book, but I wonder if the girl might feel empty or that something is missing in her life in terms of romance. Assuming she is heterosexual, she may long for romance or intimacy but can't get that from another female.
@bloggeroo (2171)
• Philippines
3 May 11
To start, I think you probably need to research on the life of the amazons--i.e., legendary female warriors. This will give you an idea of what this women dominated society consider important. From reading Wikipedia, I just learned that the amazons are a mythical group or society from Greek antiquity. Of course, I thought they were true to life inhabitants of South America, but it seems the concept of an all female society dates back to classical Greek. Anyway, I'm a guy so I can only speculate on girl problems. If I was doing your research, I'd probably do a simulation using online simulation/games, but substituting the proper parameters and see for myself how things would turn out.