Should money be a yardstick for love

May 2, 2011 3:57pm CST
Should money be a yardstick for love?can't a relationship stand without money?does love have anything to do with money?I am sorry for asking this questions,it is because of my girlfriend that dump me because I can't meet all her financial demands.why should this happen when we say we love each other.please tell me your view and advice me on this,what to do.
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@jbrooks0127 (2326)
• United States
4 May 11
There are some woman that see a man with money as a means to the good life. It is born out of greed and they know that if they hook up with someone that can give it to them they will have that good life through little to no effort of their own. The problem with that is that Love takes second place. Most women are not that way, however they are practical and do not want to place themselves in a position that makes them worse off than they may already be. This may or may not be a conscious decision on their part but is only being practical. A major part of it is instinct. She knows that in order to give her children a good upbringing she needs a person that can provide it. This does not mean that he has to be rich. Just willing and able to do what ever it takes to provide for his family. But along with that it is equally important that she truly loves him. For most woman they go hand in hand and it is as it should be.
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
2 May 11
well you have to think realistcly. if you want to have kids, you will have to have them eat and clothe them so you will need some sort of income. but no, it shouldnt be the main yardstick but must be a factor.
2 May 11
Love has nothing to do with money and money has nothing to do with love. But money can greatly affect a relationship. If money is tight or there's an addiction involved, or spontaneous bills owed, pressure can be placed on the two partners which will cause stress. Knowing from experience because my parents basically seperated because of divorce. Partners need to be there for each other. One needs to help and contribute to the bond, trust, and connection even if that involves cleaning or working or taking care of the kids. It's not about the money; it's about what people do with the situation. On the other hand, if there is too much money, people can sometimes feel as though they can buy anything and that includes loves. Greed and selfishness often follow. Everyone's different but it all depends on how you see money and what you do when you're struggling and what you do when you're on top. You should never have to financial satisfy someone. Money is a gift and everything that it can buy is a gift. If the woman is looking for any number of 0's in your wallet, then you need to raise your standards because you're better than that.
@leonsan (49)
2 May 11
Okay... men look for fertility in a female partner, to propagate the species, so child bearing hips etc; are deciding factors when a man is looking for a woman. But what a woman is looking for is financial security, a steady income and a roof over her head, no point in having babies that you cannot afford to feed. So, unfortunately love is a secondary consideration in a woman's eyes, it's just a genetic fact, a built in measuring stick that overrules the heart more often than not.