Hey mylotters! another random question, How was your day? good,Bad? and why?

@Bryanx54 (644)
May 2, 2011 7:07pm CST
So anyway everyone how was your day today, was it good, or could've it been better? and if good or bad explain why it was good/bad?
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@naija4real (1293)
3 May 11
My day was good at least I got all the files on my office desk cleared up. There was not leftover waiting for the next day. In the past, I use to carry over all of a days job to the next day thereby adding to my stress the following day. I have retrained myself to do all the job as they come and my boss is happy that I am doing all my office task in a time conscious manner. I think that is a plus for me and it made my day a success. cheers
• United States
3 May 11
Mixed. I made some progress on the net. Got something up on the blog and productivity in a few other directions. I didn't get anywhere with Emergency Assistance though. I've been trying to call several places for over a week and keep getting caught up in automated phone systems and full mailboxes. The couple that I got a social worker to contact are out of funds for the year. My daughter and I have been on FMLA from work, the money has basically run out and our housing costs are due Wednesday. I've been trying to stay optimistic, but it's getting difficult. She's epileptic and can't be home alone which is why I've been at home with her. This has been our situation since Feb. 7th. Tomorrow will be a much better day if she somehow miraculously wakes up without being in pain. The doctors still can't figure out what's going on and fix it.