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May 3, 2011 12:48am CST
Sometimes you were afraid of choosing the right person to be with you! How can you undergo of this kind of risk? For me, you should know him/her if he/she is reliable one. You must control yourself of being such a fool! Before you entering this kind of organization, make sure that you can handle it. We don't know if when you could possibly encounter those hurtful things. When you say LOVE there is always hope and forgiveness. Learn to think wisely and don't take it seriously when you argued each other. We, all boys, you should be a gentlemen for the girls. Never attempt to hurt girls because girls must be cared by us.
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• Philippines
4 May 11
Love and trust is a gut feeling, if something feels wrong then something is wrong so evaluate your relationship...but don't hold back because of fear, love comes once only...