How to increase stars of My Mylot profile ??

May 3, 2011 1:45am CST
What are the techniques that would help me to improve my stars in mylot. Or what are the thins should i do to improve stars, Help me please Thank you !!
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@inu1711 (5288)
• Romania
3 May 11
Hello Mayur, Your myLot reputation can go up or down, depending on how your activities here are rated by the other users. So the answer to your question is to write responses that will be positively rated by other users. This means your answers should be helpful and should contain quality information. Short, meaningless answers will probably bring you negative ratings so avoid them. I suggest you to stay away from flame wars and to be carefull with controversial discussions, where your answers might be negatively rated. Now that you have a low rating (only 128), your reputation is easy to be raised, so don't dispair. But it's OK to do your best to improve your star, as your earnings here are related to your reputation. I wish you good luck!
• United States
3 May 11
Hi mayur and welcome back to myLot. It has been a while since I have seen you. Dear in order for your ratings to increase you should be active in myLot. Starting discussions should include responding back to members. As inu says above your ratings increase and or decreased when members rate you positive and or negative. We cannot do so if you are not participating. With the 132 rating it can quickly go up higher but you have to be active in order for your responses/comments to be seen. Do come back and comment to your responders so that we know you are around and so that you can also increase your earnings. Hope what we have given you gives you some help. This link is also helpful dear, where it will give you a more in-depth detail: Hope it helps.
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• India
8 May 11
Thank you so much. Actually it's been so hard to stay connected wid internet since i had my exams for last month. But i will keep some touch, really. thanks again, thank you all. |sorry if my English is BAD|
@iklananda (1204)
3 May 11
Post as many comment and discussion in the mylot so you are recorded there
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