Is everything will be beneficial if thoughts are pure?

@mallu30 (463)
May 3, 2011 5:02am CST
To harness pure thoughts we need ro refine our inner abilities, our mind and intellect in a very gentle, caring and patient way. It is not enough to just speak about and accept peace and love as inner virtues of the soul. We need to integrate these virtues into our awareness. This will then naturally change our attitude, vision and actions. Each one of us needs to ask, "Am I connecting my thinking and reasoning to the direction I want for my life? Am I remembering that when reasoning is true and thoughts are pure, everything will be beneficial?". To become spiritually awake and aware, we cannot sit back passively and hope that things will go right. We need to check that we are using our inner abilities of thinking and reasoning to make things go right. Sometimes at the sufface level things don't appear to go right, but if we really have the right thinking and right reasoning. We can make them right. The greater inner strength one have, the more one can trust his clean intentions, and one must have faith in ultimate success.
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@Adoniah (7515)
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6 May 11
Do you read a lot of self help books or self awareness books?