insatiable taste of shoes + heels

May 3, 2011 11:33pm CST
Little do my friends know that I have an insatiable taste for heels but I pretend to hide it because of my height. You see I stand 5'5" and for a Filipina height that's quite tall so the urgency of wearing a heel is no longer needed. But sometimes, Fashion runs through my own blood and the thirst does not stop. Craving a pair of high heels is one thing I've long to wear sometimes I'd secretly strut myself from our living room down to the kitchen thinking it's a runway..haha! My point here is: I hope I'd get the guts to wear high heels without people noticing me and my friends emphasizing that I don't need to wear it coz of my height. That's why I can't wait to visit paris or even a european country wherein my height is considered short hehe ;) So I can strut myself out from the streets of NYC down to the beautiful Milan.
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• Philippines
4 May 11
You'd really be towering over people here in our country! BUT if you love 'em, wear 'em!!!! Who cares? Your already tall as it is, be proud of your height!!
5 May 11
hehe :) thanks i'm just collating all the guts i need lol thanks for your response