Is 'ration' really rational?

May 4, 2011 9:35am CST
One of my female friends asked me for some suggestions yesterday.She had a terrible quaral with her husband some time ago,which led to cold war between the couple.Later her husband moved out of their room,and didn't give her any messages.She felt disappointed and depressed.She said that she was hurt so deeply that she would like to make some decision.I got the meaning of her decision.Before the decision,she told me,"I would go to some agencies for ideas,because they must be rational as they are just the objective third party."But I didn't agree with her. In my opinion,the third parties may not have any interests with us,but theyt could not learn about our affairs as deeply as we ourselves do.So "ration" seems not to be as ration as we imagened. What about your ideas?Share your wisdom on mylot.
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@allknowing (63271)
• India
4 May 11
I am a bit confused about this 'ration' you are talking about. Being rational is thinking right but ration is something fixed as food, etc. Could you please explain it a bit further.
@uath13 (8207)
• United States
4 May 11
Kinda vague but it really depends on the third party she's going to. If it's a marrige counselor then they're usually open minded & helpful. A lawyer on the other hand would likely try to cause more problems because he's more concerned with lining his own pockets.