Do you think facebook have the advantages other than any social networking site?

May 4, 2011 7:50pm CST
Everyone of us use this site too find other people around with us, or people we want to be friends with, or even those our gradeschool mate and high school mates, but do you think this site has the advantages of any social networking site?
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• Philippines
13 Apr 13
The reason why some people uses FaceBook is because the site is built to make a good social network to build or either find people that are far from someone’s locality. While others use the site, to mainly make friends or to socialize with people, business wise, it’s a good strategy to market product and services. Since, in this new era of technology and social media streams, People are driven to what social media is endorsing or pulling off regardless if it’s a message, or it’s a business endorsement.