Living in Peace & Harmony

May 4, 2011 8:51pm CST
It has been said many times over that there are two ways to come out of any situation: BETTER OR BITTER. No matter what, most people will not choose the latter. Precisely, for bitterness will only clog the mind and the heart - depriving a person of his good judgement. Whereas, emerging a better person after having, say, a spat with a brother or anyone else for that matter, affords the individual a feeling so nice, adding to his self-worth - the better to see things clearly, allowing for peace and harmony.
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@xyruz43 (32)
7 May 11
Knowing the essence of true love, a brother would not even think of ruining another, nor would he do things that are detrimental to the welfare of others. One that ought to prove the genuineness of his feelings through his deeds or actions.
• Australia
7 May 11
You are right xyruz, love one another as how God's love His children.