Bridging the Great Divide Toward Harmonious Employer-Employee Relationship

May 4, 2011 9:14pm CST
Conflict between Employers and Employees because of divergent interests is as old as business itself and as new as the latest high-tech gadget. In fact, discontent, discrimination and demoralization in the workplace are not uncommon. And when these problems are left unresolved, absenteeism, apathy, complaints, low morale, and mediocre work, among other, are likely to take place among workers or employee. Furthermore, when workers put up a united front because of their grievances and concerns, protests, rallies,and strikes also likely to follow. To illustrate, demonstrations and rallies are familiar scenarios in practically all countries especially during the commemoration of so-called "LABOR DAY" - when workers and employees from different companies take to the streets to voice out their grievances not only against their respective companies but even to the government as well.
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@xyruz43 (32)
7 May 11
Harmony between employers and employees is possible only where there is no selfishness in the relationship.