how do human survive in a jungle?

May 5, 2011 12:41am CST
imagine if you are only one in jungle and the lions and tigers are surrounding you, What you will do to survive?
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@lady1993 (18561)
• Philippines
5 May 11
I don't think I will survive even a day in the jungle all alone.. I am not even an out door person and I am quite clumsy and I'll definitely get eaten if some wild animals chase me. but maybe I would, you never know with the adrenaline rush and all- maybe I can apply the things I've learned from tv.
@lady1993 (18561)
• Philippines
14 May 11
Well, that is least I won't be eaten alive (that would really hurt), but i'll just die of an insect bite, slowly but surely.
• Philippines
13 Apr 13
This is good hypothetical question, well basically human as we are, we do have our own ways and means of dealing with survival. It’s innate in Man to create strategies in order to live. If I am in such situation, I would probably make plan to create a defense or a device that somehow would scare the creatures, if such place has a big tree on it. Then probably I would climb-on, or probably just sit still and try to tame the animal.
@APSC_girl (119)
• Philippines
11 Aug 11
I know I won't be able to survive alone in a jungle with wild and violent animals but I know I will be able to survive if I bring someone who's very professional and expert when it comes to jungle survival. I'm gonna hold on to him all the time.
@reploid (1341)
• France
6 May 11
I guess I will live on trees, or live on a beach.
@thatgirl13 (7307)
• South Korea
5 May 11
I don't think I would survive or want to survive. I would just give up coz living alone in the jungle sounds very frightning to me. And when night falls... god i'd rather just give up.