What happen to our virtual account after we died

Virtual account  - Almost all the people who know how to use the internet will have at least one virtual account and there they will have their username and password. Have you ever think what will happen to your virtual account when you died? Think about it.
@yspmyl (3438)
May 5, 2011 5:15am CST
Have you ever think about after you died, what will happen to your virtual account in the internet like your PTC site account, you e-mail account, your blogs account, or your website and many more things that you can think of in the internet. This question just have flashed in my mind and that really make me think a lot. Do I need to write down all my account username and password for every site that I have join or website that I am managing it somewhere so that when I died, someone can continue my job or use that account, or to tell the site that this person have deceased and to close the account. What is your though on this? Have you ever think about it or have you already done something about it?
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@SmallFryK (115)
• United States
5 May 11
I if I were to die tomorrow, my husband has my account information or knows how to restore my password. I think a lot of thimes if someone didn't know the account information, they would just need to contact the administrator and request the account be closed because the operator is deceased. Personally, I have had a few friends die and on their social networking page, the family has kept it open as a tribute to that person. I think that's really nice, but I'm sure that after a certain amount of time, the account is closed.