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May 5, 2011 10:05am CST
I am new to this website please tell me how to make money from this website.
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@mysdianait (64066)
• Italy
5 May 11
As you can see from the previous responses, if you want to make money here you have to do something. How about starting by commenting to those responses and at least showing that you are grateful to the users for their advice?
@yoyo1198 (3644)
• United States
8 May 11
Hmmmmm....your advice didn't work, did it? Such a shame. Member will probably be gone within a week 'cause he wasn't making any progress.
@greenline (14865)
• Canada
8 May 11
The more time and effort you can devote to posting messages and responding to messages , the more you will earn. Have you taken a look at the available task list ? Completing the tasks will further enhance the earnings. You can pick the tasks you feel comfortable to work on.
@AKRao24 (8342)
• India
5 May 11
Hi Dear lgrpcmpny! Warn welcome to Mylot! Since you are new it is obvious for you that you would be interested in knowing how to make money on this site! I am one f the senior members on this forum and you can say i have been associated with this forum right from its inception. This I am saying to you just to give you an assurance that this site is a genuine one and it pays in fact, because of which myself and many members like myself we are here today on this site! Let me tell you one thing very frankly that this forum is not very good for making money, as the earnings are quite less compared to the inputs here. Basically this site is meant to have fun, friendship and exchange views and is good passing the time in a constructive way after the day's hectic work just to relax while making few cents per day! So please don't anticipate to make a fortune out of this site! First of all please go through guidelines and FAQ section in the Mylot carefully to understand the features of this forum and the rules and regulations of this forum. In short I will try to explain how you can make money on this forum.Posting a discussion and responding to a discussion is one of the form of making money on this site. Adding comments to the responses and participating in the others discussions will also give you good dividends. You can upload pictures once you have got the eligibility to do so for which we are being paid here. Using search engine of Mylot is another way of making money! You can undertake various tasks and add little more income to your earnings. Commenting on News, blogs and photographs will also help you in making the earnings! In fact it is more you participate, the more you earn on this site. Participation and making quality postings are key factors here on this forum! Hope with this small guidance I hope you will have fairly good idea about the working of this site and hope to see you soon with good discussions and responses! All the best and Happy mylotting!
@dicefame (114)
• Philippines
5 May 11
Just response to any of the discussion or you can also create your own discussion. You do some task or you can also start a new task if you have money from pay-pal.