recalling Maggi noodles for possible salmonella contamination.

May 5, 2011 10:59am CST
maggi noodles used to be my fave brand of noodles because of its taste and cost. it's one of the least expensive too. i was just glad that i am not into instant noodles for years now. i made my own viands and cook them well for the sake of my new family. the brand isn't also not popular now so my kid won't keep on asking for it. he only asks stuff seen on tv and since maggi doesn't have any ad anymore i don't buy them. i don't also patronize instant foods. Nestle Philippines is recalling Maggi noodles for possible salmonella contamination. The firm says it is recalling Maggi beef and chicken noodles after it found traces of salmonella in two batches of the beef variant. those who were able to buy, they said you can be refunded.FYI.
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• Calgary, Alberta
10 May 11
all of my noodles are nissin,lucky me and some Korean noodles so I guess I am safe, i had been turned off with Maggie because they already have a bad reputation before, they use wax, yes candles, to preserve their noodles. First candles and now they have salmonella, now I lost more trust with that brand of noodles. this is strike 2 for me. I use to eat6 maggie noodles before until the candle incident, now we have something much worst than candles
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• Philippines
18 May 11
that's surprising for me when in fact i used to trust the brand.all along i was eating those wax and bad stuffs. i see why noodles don't stick each other. i learned wax coat noodles. This layer of oil prevents the noodles from sticking together. this is some kind of a carcinogen and i used to get rid of this substance. thanks a lot for this info.
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• Calgary, Alberta
20 May 11
You may try replace water you will use as soup base after boiling the noodles just to make sure you are safe from the wax.