Are you ready for paperless world?

May 5, 2011 12:54pm CST
As global warming the situation, this is one of the good plan. So, are you interested to start with paperless world. Just think.. what will happen if you started paperless.. and something gone wrong with electonic machines.. so, how much safe about the information if we go for paperless world?
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@stanley777 (7178)
• Philippines
18 Oct 12
I don't think a paperless world is the solution fr global warming.. it is plastic that is causing it.. since it doesn't decay easily.. it pollutes the air and everything.. People have lived without plastic before but it would be hard to do so now.
@AdalieM (1135)
• United States
5 May 11
While I don't mind saving trees, I think it will be a weird world without paper. Ever since Amazon came up with kindle everybody is reading their books there, but is it really worth it to turn this world into a big electric machine that doesn't involve any of us using paper or touching it? Screens make people myopic, if this world becomes paperless everybody will be myopic and that's sad. Bank accounts or statement are a great idea that way you don't have to worry about the mailman losing your mail, but than again nothing is safe not even online.
• United States
5 May 11
I wouldnt want to sound selfish when I say that I dont think that I could be without it. I take paper notebooks with me everywhere for I like to write ideas for my next blog, ect. As far as the world goes, Im sure they would adjust to it very quickly with new technologies being created everyday. Its all about money with these companies. The only good and best thing that'd be coming out from all of this is that we'd be saving tree's. But even that, how long would that last? Seems as though no one is into recycling, nor would they be interested in saving tree's or global warming. Im sure they will once it touches down. Even imagining no sign of paper anywhere in the world is some Twilight sh*t. -MsDjHoodie