a 'cheesy' line.... from a girl?

May 5, 2011 2:00pm CST
Ok there are probably a hundred cheesy lines out there being used by guys (on a daily basis) trying to make a hit on a girl they like. I've had my share of using those cheesy lines; way back in college when I was late in class, a crush of mine asked me "hey, you looked like you never slept" then I replied "yes, I was up all night thinking of you.." Eeew, so cheesy! ok enuff of that. Those cheesy lines mostly comes from a man's point towards a girl. To all male out there, my question is... Have you experienced hearing a cheesy line coming from a girl? To all female out there, my question is... Have you used a cheesy line to get the attention of the guy you like and what would that be?
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@katrinapaz (2438)
• Philippines
6 May 11
yes, i have used a cheesy line to my boyfriend. we are already going steady and i still use some lines most of the time. I love how he laughs with my lines :) i am happy that he likes cheesy things :)
@SmallFryK (115)
• United States
5 May 11
I have definitely used my share of cheesy lines on my husband, and still do. We come up with some pretty good lines though. I tend to use the "cute" tactic on him quite a bit, which usually involves me doing those things that he finds cute (even though sometimes, I don't see how it could possibly be cute), and they work on him. I've had a few used on me, but if they aren't slick, it's pointless to try to use them. In order to use cheesy pick up lines and have them work, you've got to be quick witted and be able to take what someone has said to you and run with it.