I just don' t know anymore

United States
May 6, 2011 3:00am CST
I am so good at helping others and doing stuff for people that sometimes I forget about me. Right now I help my sister Valerie with her three kids and I also help take care of anothter niece her name is Lena. So everyday I have 4 kids the youngest is a year old and the oldest is 7. I help them out because childcare is so expensive and none of their dads are in their life. I do get paid but sometimes I dont. Its so hard when I dont get paid because I need money too. My niece Lena is five years old now and i have helped take care of her since she was a couple of weeks old. Her mom doesnt live with us. I am pretty much the only mom figure in her life. I dont have kids yet and sometimes I just want to live my own life. I am the one that does pretty much everything for these kids and I could never leave them. So I dont know what to do. We all live in the same house and I need a break LOL. I love my nieces and nephews with all my heart, but I am not their mom. That is what I feel like sometimes is their mom. My sister never comes home when she is supposed to. She just assumes that I will be there to watch them.
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