The power of Truth

@mallu30 (463)
May 6, 2011 7:16am CST
Now-a-days, people are afraid of speaking truth. They usually try to avoid it. That is why they fail to get success in various periods of their lives. They believe that speaking truth is dangerous for their futue. But they fail to think from the other angle, i.e the satisfaction and happiness which one fels after having spoken the truth. In fact, the truth is an ideal way of success in every part of one's life. It is only after speaking truth that one realises the real happiness, silence and real beauty in one's life. I have lots of good experience in this context. I would like to share one such experence here. When I was studying in 12th standard, one of our teachers, used to support the students who were not serious at their studies. One day when I had completed my practice in physics lab, he came and said, "Mallu, what do you think about my nature?" Without any kind of doubt, I told him, "You are not suitable person for this post." Hearing such a fearless and bold reply, he was shocked. Then I again had an introspection of my thoughts and said to him,"Your post requires you to take care of students. So please don't spoil their future." After having listened to it, he realised that my thoughts towards him were not bad, but in fact were of goodwill. he realised his mistake and apologised to me for his behaviour. Thus, truth is a magnetic power which attracts the people. Even in today's world of falsehood, selfishness and enmity, there are still many people, who love to speak truth in their lives. It was the power of truth, because of which India, our nation, became independent in 1947. Thus, if we understand the power of truth, we will love to speak the same fearlessly. As per my personal experience, truth is a magic power that ensures success in our lives.
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@tammy27 (1247)
• Philippines
6 May 11
fear of truth is the problem why justice is always down. but in our everyday lives, there's always fear of truth with regards to simple things such as "who broke mom's precious vase?" fingers will point on each other instead of saying "i did, and im sorry" well perhaps this is how life is, fear of speaking out, and fear of telling the truth will always be a part of it.
@zhpshql (695)
• China
6 May 11
Hi,mallu I agree with you...truth is a magic power,and it can ensure success in our lives... Though in nowadays,less and less person dare to say the truth,it's the sadness of the world... but the fact is that the world need someone who dare to speak the truth.. and are there many people speaking truth in India?..