if you are given a chance to have special power what is it? and why?

May 6, 2011 7:40am CST
Most people will say they want an invisibility power but for me I think I would like to have the mind reading or the power to discern the truth about other people so I will know who are lying and who are telling the truth. how about you? what kind of power do you want?
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@wiggles18 (2523)
• Canada
6 May 11
Invincibility- then you could live forever and gain so much knowledge, training your other skills to make them near 'special power'. You also would not have to worry about becoming wounded, etc. Depending on how the power works, you would also not need to worry about money, because you wouldn't really have to rely on food, water, or shelter. Come to think of it, that super power,as well as some other super powers, may become boring over time. I'd probably go for super strength, speed, agility etc instead- that way you could blend into society a bit more easily too.
@prateek2 (28)
• India
6 May 11
Always wanted the "Power" to control time!backward,forward,pause,play,slow,fast.FULL CONTROL!