A Danger Not Only to the Afflicted

@oninomar (506)
May 6, 2011 11:36am CST
Drunk driving. there isn't a statistical number to be found that estimates the number of drunk drivers, that kill and endanger not only themselves but innocent bystanders as well. At times we think that though the death of someone by this cause is tragic, it was an unpreventable accident of bad luck, Well it isn't. And we are wrong. Most of the drivers may be alcoholics, person dependent on the intake of alcohol. And though there are hardly any well know clinic in the city which are known to treat alcoholics. there is a program existing the treatment and cure of alcoholics. But still many people suffer from this condition The treatment must be settle first inside the family, and to be guided properly. With the proper guidance and proper control of things can lead us to a safer community. To stop alcoholism and to save life.
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