Saving ? or investing?

May 7, 2011 3:05am CST
We have been facing high inflations everywhere in this world, I am a professional forex trader so my concept is never like saving the money I always invest when every stock, currency goes deep I buy, and also same goes with property and other things, I want to know your views and opinions? what wuld you do if you save good money every month? will you only save it in bank account for interest or will invest? if you will invest? where would u invest?
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@naija4real (1293)
7 May 11
I would prefer to save the money in a bank so that it will attract some interest for me. I will use the time I am using to save to design a blueprint of the business I want to invest on. I will study the general market to see if the business is good for me. I will study the business to find out if those who have invested their money are reaping profit. If my research are okay and I believe strongly that there is hope of success, I will then take out some of my money in my savings account and then invest it in the proposed business. Therefore, I would say that I prefer both. As for forex trade: I trade with which forex broker do you trade with? Till I hear from you have a nice day cheers!
• Pakistan
7 May 11
Hi, bank doesn't pay much interest that value your hard earned money, I work with aaafx, fxopen, alpari, gfsignals , zulutrade, zipsignals, and some more :)
• Philippines
7 May 11
Wow! You're Forex Trader! Nice meeting you! I think I prefer both. At first I want to save then after that I will invest the money that I had saved. So that there will be a profit on what I had saved.
• Pakistan
7 May 11
Yes I am :) over 6 years of experience, where do u invest your saved money?
• United Arab Emirates
8 May 11
I will saving money until I have a good amount that I can buy villa or land and then rent it or I will enter to big project which I mean I will have some shares on it.