tshirt printing

@tammy27 (1247)
May 7, 2011 7:52am CST
im planning to make some designs to use for tshirt printing. but since it's the first time i'll be doing it i need the help from the best people in the world "mylot people"! hahaha i just want to know if you guys have any idea how to transfer the designs i made on pc to the shirt? any machines needed? what kind of machines? and what software can i use to make the designs? something easy to learn, user-friendly, and with great effects that it can do... im really looking forward for some great help here at mylot. thanks so much in advance.. :)
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• India
9 Jun 11
Hi tammy, very creative idea, go for it. Recently I visited a site shopperswing.blogspot.com, they have redesigned tank tops and sarees artistically. Hope you may get some idea from there.
@Anitismo (229)
• Bahamas
7 May 11
if you see how i dress I'm a plain persons don't believe in things being on my shirts. I don't even do Tye dye or floral prints. Love different color mainly red, and styles but it have to be plain.
@Jlyn10 (10913)
• Malaysia
7 May 11
Hi tammy You can use Photoshop or Coreldraw to create your designs. For me, I use LogoCreator5 which is pretty much for creating logos but I use it to do my designs as well. As for the machine to print it on your t-shirt, I think they have a kind of printer for printing on t-shirts but I don't really know what sort of printer. Sorry can't help you there. Alternatively, you can sell your designs on CafePress. You just need to upload your designs there and then choose how you want to sell your designs like on a T-shirt, a cap or a tote bag etc and they will do it for you. You can also create your store there. Hope this helps.
• United States
7 May 11
If you go to Micheal's craft store they have the shirt transfers there. They are great as well.