always the wedding planner, bride's maid and maid of honor, but never the bride

May 7, 2011 9:32am CST
it was always my dream to get married in the most simple way (like the attendees will only comprise 9 people, including the bride and groom as well the solemnizing officer). but after seeing wedding coverages on tv, i started fantasizing huge weddings. and because of that fantasy, it brought me into a job i came to love the most - wedding planner and organizer. it was so fun! added to these fantasies are wearing and collecting gowns. that was after i saw that it was so elegant to wear one. hence the styling started. finally i was given the privilege to make a dream come true - to wear an elegant gown. i became a bride's maid and a maid of honor at last! but after 10 years in the job, i am still single..
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@la_chique (1499)
9 May 11
I'd love to be a wedding planner. Been looking at all these wedding sites thinking "I could do that!". I know how you feel though. I am now too old (26) to be considered cute enough to be a bridesmaid, and everyone seems to have someone they'd rather have as their maid of honor so I've never even been either of those. I'm currently engaged, but have a feeling this is how I'll always be as my fiancee only thinks that people should get married if they want to have kids these days and I dont think we'll be having kids. Ah well, we'll see. I cant exactly force him down the aisle.
• Philippines
9 May 11
oh no my dear..don't be so down. why are you thinking you guys cannot have kids? let us look at the bright side. think, what do you both have as of now? and will that remain when you get married even if something cannot be done? well, i have never been engaged! hahaha... wish i could be (from the bottom of my heart). in case, you need a wedding planner i can lend a hand. hahaha.. i am always ready to help, since i may not be having my own. you know. just in case. at least i have prepared someone a wedding i only dreamed of. ironic and funny though.