How to find a role model who inspires you?

@mallu30 (463)
May 8, 2011 12:06pm CST
The true role models are those people who possess the qualities we would like to have. Our own personality should blend with the qualities we admire in others. Role models helps bring clarity to our ambitions. Mahatma Gandhi is my role model. I always tried to follow the qualities of Gandhi and become successful in observing a few. I always used to get inspiration from my role model. What about you?
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@_sketch_ (5709)
• United States
9 May 11
That is so true that role models help bring clarity to our ambitions. I really love that. Gandhi is a good role model to have. I am also a pacifist. On the outside at least; still have some growing to do on the inside. I think that Eckhart Tolle might be my role model. I can relate to him a lot in some personal experiences and in spiritual beliefs.
@tammy27 (1247)
• Philippines
9 May 11
hhhmmm.... i dont know. i really dont have a particular person as a role model. well i admire my mom so much cause she's so patient (especially when it comes to me, haha). and i admire how my dad finds way on all our financial problems, (cant imagine how he come up with the 100,000php for my mom's hospital bill when his monthly salary is so far from that amount and im 100% sure we dont have bank savings or whatsoever). and so on.... (believe me i admire so many people! haha) so for me a role model is not a single person only, for me, it's the group of persons who has their own unique attitudes and character, and from those characters you admire you build your own inspiration, and you build a better person in you. :)
@manoj1502 (854)
• India
9 May 11
1. You can use the physiology of your role model. This is particularly useful when you are heading into a meeting, about to make a presentation or hold a difficult conversation. * Ask yourself, how would my role model walk into the room? * How would they stand or sit? * What is their posture? * How would they speak? You are not aiming to mimic them, rather to blend your perception of them with your own behaviour in a way that is helpful. For example, if you act with the confidence of your role model for a minute or two, you will feel genuinely more confident. 2. You can use the beliefs and values of your role model. Ask yourself these questions and use the ones that have most resonance for you: * What would your role model believe is important? * What would they believe is possible? * When would they say 'No'? * What outcome would your role model want in this situation? 3. You can use your role model for new insights. Imagine that your role model is able to listen and watch what is going on. Perhaps they are sitting nearby or taking a birds-eye view. They have reached their own understanding of the situation. * Using their name, ask them for their advice? * What would they do in your situation? Remember to thank your role model - you can always 'ask' them again in the future.