The ups and downs of globalization

May 8, 2011 8:06pm CST
Good day fellow mylotters! Today, I am going to start a discussion regarding globalization. The word means, bringing the world closer..uniting the whole citizenry of all nations. The effect of globalization affects me in various ways because innately all of us have different kinds of culture and traditions. Interaction, made easy with the use of internet, made me realize that there are far more horizons ready to be explored and many people ready to be met. Globalization, for me, had so far made life easy. I would like to get your input on the above subject matter. What do you think are the positive as well as negative effects of globalization? What are your personal experiences relating to subject matter?
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@mnhmnh (11)
• United Arab Emirates
9 May 11
I think that globalization is one of the things that we cant really be sure how it would turn out to be unless we experience it.Me personally do not like the idea much as it would mean that many cultures can get destroyed in the process.
• Philippines
9 May 11
Thanks for your input on this mnhmch. I do not know how globalization could destroy any nation's culture or tradition. Far as it may seem, I think that globalization is present in order to make our various lives easier and to make it known to various ethnicities the diversity of our customs/ traditions. The availability of the information stored in the internet will enable us to fully understand the nature and purpose of the tradition and culture that any nation practice..why it takes place in a certain community, how it is being done and the importance of adhering to these customs/ traditions. Any other insights?