Are our bodies tied to nature?

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May 8, 2011 8:37pm CST
For centuries many ancient tribes have studied nature to seek the power of the cosmos and of God. The relationship of man with nature always has been a mystery that few people have solved. In animation and childrens theater this relationship was depicted in the last airbender. Thae Last Airbender was a child who had been lost in the ice for thousands of years and he was able to master the the elements of wind and air. The other tribes in this world were masters of The Earth, Masters of Water and Masters of Fire. The tribe of fire were the antagonsit in the movie. They used their mastery of fire to dominate the other tribes. The Last Airbender was able to master all the elements and was able to stop the fire people from taking over. Though only a cartoon and a movie, the presentation depicted the relationship that humans have with the elements of the earth.
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9 May 11
That is a very interesting question. I think they are. Our moods change with the seasons. We become more sensitive and less energetic in the winter in some cases. Our moods change with the sun and the moon. I think yes. Our bodies are connected with nature. That is a very good topic I think. Something to look into a little more.