Mac Miller - awesome new young hip hop artist out of Pittsburgh

United States
May 8, 2011 11:40pm CST
Mac Miller is a new and upcoming rapper out of Pittsburgh, PA. He is a young white kid who just graduated high school a year ago. He has a real smooth flow and sick lyrics. Just recently he has blown up with his mixtape "Best Day Ever." He is signed to the same local record label as Wiz Khalifa and has a few songs with him. He is getting more and more popular everyday and its going to be no time before he gets signed by a big time record company. If you are interested in rap music, like to smoke herbs, definitely listen to Mac Miller. His two most recent mixtapes are "K.I.D.S." which is sick and "Best Day Ever." Just google them or go to to download them. If you listen to Mac Miller or went and checked him out after listening to this then let me know what you think! He is a sick song by Mac
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