Would you be a corrupt politician?

May 9, 2011 9:36am CST
Making a living nowadays is really hard. Earning money is not as simple as ABC. One of the forlorn realities in this world is that some people resort to politics for business purposes. Yes, some make politics their business--monkey business. When one is involved in politics, the temptation to steal money from the public fund is really strong. There are instances that one would be able to get millions of money with just a signature. So, if you are a politician, how sure are you that you would not be a corrupt official?
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@nobbsy123 (852)
• Australia
9 May 11
All politicians are corrupt. If I were a politician I would also be corrupt. Atleast I'm honest about it.
• Philippines
10 May 11
I don't think all politicians are corrupt. I think there still are few honest politicians.
@lady1993 (20400)
• Philippines
10 May 11
I can't really say- I don't even want to be a politician.. since all the power and money is a big temptation to do bad things.. But if I do become one someday- you never know , I would try and help the people and stop those other corrupt politicians.. because being honest is how I was brought up.
• Mexico
10 May 11
Hi altirbonganay: I think I won't be a corrupt politican because my values are first. But at the same time I think that if I was a Politician I won't succeed because the other corrupt politians would be my enemies and they prefer to talk with people that are as corrupt as them. ALVARO
@gorila (188)
• Indonesia
9 May 11
I'm not sure. but I have a principle would not take the rights of others. sound naive huh?
@DoctorDidi (7030)
• India
9 May 11
I hate politics and so have no intention of being a politician and that too a corrupt politician. It is true that politics is now a sort business and so standard of politics is declining. No honest person now dare go for a political career and so the corrupt politicians get the chance to fill up the vacuum thus created.