skype is useful or its just time wasting ??

May 9, 2011 2:18pm CST
hi guys. most of the user use skype for talking with there relatives and friends. and i am also using it. what u think it is really useful or just time wasting ?? please tell me by giving response :) thank you in advance my dear friends
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@aprilsong (1886)
• China
12 May 11
I think it is useful because it provide services with less fee than other means, such as mobile call and phone call. That is the reason so many people choose it.
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• Bulgaria
14 May 11
Yes, it's not just usefull, but the best software for chatting and calls. I use it for many years and I am happy that I can get in touch with my friends at any time for free.
@KompitaPita (2053)
• Bulgaria
14 May 11
Hello. I personally think Skype is very useful. I have no friend or relative who can not account in Skype. This is the easiest way to get in touch with all your friends and relatives, no matter where they are. In this for free. I will keep to use Skype, as long as it's free.
@gyani1978 (147)
• India
10 May 11
Hi, Skype is the most useful software application, with skype you can do a lots of things together, like chatting, video conferencing, simply file transfer. even we can keep the backup of our contact list, and whatever we have discussion previous that also we can stored as a history. I like skype so much and I am using it.
@Matpunk85 (1066)
• Italy
9 May 11
This question is a non sense. Skype offer a service to us: the possibility to chat and to talk to someone. If we use it we are not wasting our time. You have to evaluate: useful or not.