Do you think if we reduce th boundary line It would increase the thrill in IPL?

May 9, 2011 4:16pm CST
I think in India in some pitches the boundary line is about 76 meters should it b as constant in all sides around 70 meters to increase interest in IPL.
2 responses
• India
14 May 11
According to me, it will difficult for the bowlers to do bowling. Also the fielding. Instead of increasing the interest it might turn up loosing interest as almost every bowl will be hit to boundry. It will not be fair thing to do to bowlers and Fielders. Dont you think it will make the wole lot boring? We can not have sweets daily in lunch and dinner, can we? Also, even with the current boundry, they are enough fours and sixes hit. So for me current version is good one.
• New Zealand
13 May 11
Well, for T20 matches, I think the boundary line is already been reduced compared to ODI and test matches. Reducing the boundary line even further, I think it will become more of a batsman game. Bowlers will find it even more difficult to contain the batsman and its just a matter of time the IPL becomes the batsman-dominant game. So, I think its just fine the way it is now and if anything needs improvement, its definitely not the boundary line.