I finally found my laughing gas...

@toniganzon (54004)
May 9, 2011 9:26pm CST
I was depressed before and yes i have recovered from that. However, I didn't have that sparkle in my eyes like it used to. My smile was different as it used to until Thursday last week. A friend made me laugh so hard that i totally forgot every trace of sadness that's left inside of me, then came the weekend where my brother decided to have an outing and then gave us a shopping money after that. Then Sunday I met my friend and we laughed like there's no tomorrow. And her invitation to visit her city and spend a day or two there, relaxing and having fun again. Yesterday another friend made me laugh so hard that every time i remember our conversation it puts a smile on my face. How I wish life could always be like this. No more downs just always ups.
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@dandozy (17)
10 May 11
I love to laugh, I don't giggle or smirk but full hearty laughter, I love to laugh so much it hurts my sides and tears run from my eyes. I never muffle my laughter behind hands I just let it out and boy is it contagious. I wish life was like that constantly too but I manage to laugh every day, at the TV, at my children, my family, my animals, they all bring out my humour one way or another. If for some reason I haven't laughed for a while I do indeed feel down, I love to relive the funny conversations or events and will quite often burst into laughter at a simple thought, others around me will give me some strange looks but hey, I'm happy and I love it that way...
@thatgirl13 (7306)
• South Korea
10 May 11
That is what I love about my friends. They always know how how to make me laugh even in my saddest days. What would I do without them??
@gloryacam (5543)
• Philippines
10 May 11
Glad to know you're okay. Well, there will always be some downs in the future, but, remember that there will always be ups, too. We won't be stuck in downs or ups forever, but, then again, it's what makes life exciting, isn't it? It reminds of the movie Se* and the City starring Sarah Jessica Parker. She was jilted on her wedding and she thought she'd never smile again. But, one incident made her laugh really hard, and then things started to feel better.
• China
10 May 11
If happy life is always around you, you will not feel it,consequently you will not cherish what you own.you now feel happy again becase you just experienced the sadness right now.No more downs just always ups is just one kind of hyperbole,it not a fact.Happy or sad is just one kind of mood resting on you not on circurmastance aroud you.how to cope the not so good stuff in your daily life is the key point.
@SIMPLYD (87159)
• Philippines
10 May 11
How i wish that too! This would be really a wonderful world to live if it is always like that. Though, we also need those downs because from them we emerge as stronger and better persons.