May 10, 2011 10:41am CST
Hi there! I would like to share this story of my friend to all of you.. She is a nurse with a husband and a kid. She have a bestfriend who is also a friend of his husband and they were friends for long years. Without all knowing, her bestfriend really likes her husband. There was a point that she have an argument with her bestfriend and confronted her because she's going beyond friendship with her husband. Her bestfriend was really motivated to destroy the relationship of the couples to the point that her bestfriend was saying bad things to her husband to made them separate and to be with my friends husband. This incident happens many times.. the husband of my friend was really mad because of what he knew from her bestfriend and he talk to the girl so that things will be settled. Than that's it. It ended that way, the couples transferred to other place and start again. My friend texted me that her bestfriend was really obsessed with her husband. Have you ever seen this kind of beastfriend?
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@babyanna (1217)
• China
11 May 11
Hi,martinnshann! Yeah.I actually had one of this kind of bestfriend.My first love is actually puppy love.He was the first guy I really cared about aside from my own father.It didn't end up very well. We are still friends now.One day,he told me that my bestfriend had feelings for him,yet he turned her down. I was angry but not really furious.I knew she had something to do with it. Relationship is by itself always complicated.Sometimes it's hard to decide which is right and which is wrong.Someone put partnership before friendship.And there isn't really anything we could do about it. I just think it's lucky for your friend to have a loyal husband. Have a nice day!
• Bahrain
11 May 11
Hi there! You're right. Her husband really insisted their relationship, and he love my friend so much. He told her husband that he really have no idea about waht her bestfriend did. As long as there is a strong and good foundation, no one can break the bond of you relationship. Thanks for the response babyanna =).......
@whateva (786)
• India
10 May 11
Damn, that was really pathetic. I mean why would someone think this evil, trying to destroy someones marriage isn't part of sanity. I think that women never knew what a relation of best friend is, now i'll have more trouble trusting my best friend. :| why do people have to be like that :|
• Bahrain
11 May 11
You're right.. She's kinda taking away her bestfriends guy silently. My friend give trust to her bestfriend but without her knowing, her bestfriend was already making moves to make them apart. So devilish act of her.. I do believe in Karma, she will also experience of what she did to my friend. Thanks for the response.. =)
@uzunova (75)
• Bulgaria
13 Jul 11
Yes, I`ve had that kind of"bestfriend"!She have always liked my boyfriends. And she managed to sepate us.She and my boyfriend cheated on ??.And I can tell it hearted me more her betrayal.