how did you proposed your most loved once?

May 10, 2011 1:18pm CST
how did you proposed your most loved once?as i have proposed my love a long ago singing a beatles song-"i wanna hold your hand"... though,it never worked.the song was right but,may be i am not an good does not matter my friend.because,i know i loved someone from the core of my heart and i proposed her.that is enough for me.i realised that- i can love more than anyone else in this world. everyone falls in love minimum once in a lifetime.let me know-how did you,yes you proposed?it is an art,an,please share your thoughts.don't be shy.say what your heart says.who knows-we could have find another definition of falling in love.eagerly waiting for you my friend...
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• United States
11 May 11
Oh gee this sounds so romantic and regardless that you can sing or not she sure must have loved it. I am sure that at times you both look back at it and laugh with joy over it. I myself have not proposed to anyone. I was married once before but am divorced. Nothing fancy about the way he dis proposal (maybe was a clue, lol), kidding but certainly anything that comes from the heart should and will be memorable. Many years of happiness to you and your spouse.
• India
11 May 11
ya...may be she realized that-my song was just an metaphor to show how much i care about her.we are friends now.and i am sure,when she look back 9 years ago,she have to smile.haha. ya,sometimes a simple clue tells u a thousand words my friend.i know-you are enjoying your life more than anyone else.