Switching chords:How can you switch chords fast?

United States
May 10, 2011 8:24pm CST
I've literally taught myself guitar and i am quite satisfied with the guitar but there is one problem. I cant seem to switch chords fast enough. To all who play the guitar knows this is very important when playing a song. So how do switch chords fast?
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@kolsti87 (522)
• United States
21 Jun 11
The other guy is right. Practice will make chord switches second nature to you. Though one thing can help! When switching chords, don't simply pick your fingers up and place them back down on your next chord! Use certain fingerings of the chord so you can have an "anchor finger". This way when you switch chords, at least one finger can stay on so you aren't building your new chord from scratch so to speak. I hope this helps and as a guitarist and all around musician, I love helping out people who are in the same position I was once in. Good luck, rock on, and don't give up!
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7 Jul 11
Thanks, and you were both right all i had to do was practice and switching chords became very easy
14 Jan 12
Is very important to practice the guitar every day.But one thing that help me on my playing is warm up before you actually start playing.After a good warm up you fingers and hands will be ready to play.Going from chord to chord can be tricky.I learn that preposition your fingers before you actually going to make a switch can help. Also the choice of chords to use should be easy to switch.EX A ,C,G are very simple switch chords to practice your speed.