Training A Kitten NOT TO BITE!

May 11, 2011 2:02am CST
My boyfriend and I love cats. Last Friday we have rescued a malnourished 3 to 4 weeks old male kitten. The kitten was very hungry then, full of scars and wounds on his face, and has no energy to run, walk or meow. So we took him in, fed him, gave him warmth and affection. Good thing the kitten is litter - trained already. So far, the little guy's full of energy now and his wounds are healing fast. But I have a problem. The kitten thinks my fingers both in the hands and toes were all nipples! So every time he sees my fingers, he bites it. I want him to stop biting. What should I do?
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• United States
23 May 11
Please do not give your kitten hotsauce as the previous response suggests. This burns their little mouths and is cruel. I've had a similar problem with a kitten that WASN'T malnourished - Dot was born in a foster home and fully weaned before being returned to the shelter, which is where I got her. She's also had a huge problem with biting. Honestly, I'm not sure there's a lot you can do about it except to take your hand/foot away when he does it. Dot is slowly growing out of it. She was 2 months old when we got her and bit everyone she could as many times as she could. At 7 months old, she might bite me once a day, and my hopes are that she will continue to decline in frequency with her biting. You have to keep in mind that cats communicate with each other differently than we do and even differently than other animals do. When Dot bites me, she's trying to tell me something. I just don't always know WHAT. Your kitten is biting because he's not old enough to be weaned yet and will most likely grow out of it. If you still have doubts/concerns, bring it up at your next vet appointment (which hopefully should be soon, you should be getting regular checkups for a kitten that size/age to make sure that he's getting enough nutrition and gaining enough weight.)
• Israel
8 Jul 11
@MsPatriciaDV Please spay your cats so that they don't have kittens. There aren't homes for all the kittens born in the world.
@taski24 (214)
• Philippines
11 May 11
I think it is very rare for kittens to bite. I think they're better with their claws. Try buying a pacifier, place some hot sauce on the time, and make your cat suck on it. Repeat the process three or four times or until he doesn't want to suck anymore. Soon enough, he'll learn that nipples (all kinds, including your fingers and toes) doesn't taste good and a bit spicy.