The Benefits of setting goals

@Bryanx54 (644)
May 11, 2011 10:04am CST
What would you say was the benefits of setting life long goals, would say they are stupid and unachievable or just a way to motive ourselves even through the worst of times. for me, i set up yearly goals that include my personal goals with my family,friends and my girlfriend and then i have my career goals of which concern work,education and other types of funding, just to keep track and keep going to aim for my goals. I believe depending on what goal you have i think it will have to been realistic, but sometimes you achieve what is the impossible although unfortunately it hasn't happened for me yet, but who knows. What are your thoughts on our life long goals.
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@in212857 (67)
• India
11 May 11
Setting short term goals and than long term goals can definately help u eveluating ur life , what u want in life and it gives u is totally dependent on them a person without goal is like a boat in a sea with no sailor
@Bryanx54 (644)
11 May 11
agree, i like the simile you used to describe the intention of goals. :) thank you for commenting.
@sender621 (14956)
• United States
11 May 11
Setting goals will help us to realize our dreams. 'without a goal in mind we often do not take the ambition and drive to push ourselves on. Goals ware a way of attaining what we seek in life.
• Canada
11 May 11
It is good to have goals so you have an idea of where your life is going. You also get something to motivate you which is good. When you reach your goals you also get a good feeling of accomplishment.