Yahoo Messenger Stopped Working Error

Davao, Philippines
May 11, 2011 7:19pm CST
Okay, I know that I can just google this and be done with it. But unfortunately, I've been there and done that -- and still NYADA. So I decided to ask around here and earn my self a few (*kaching sounds*) dollars. Mwahahahaha! here's the problem, every time I try to open my Yahoo Messenger and successfully logged in, and click on the contacts that I have (or just the scroll bar of the program) the "stopped working" message always appears and I would have to close the application. I've been onto this problem for about two months now and I still haven't fixed this issue in my laptop. I've un-installed and reinstalled the program multiple times (If only you could have seen me, I was like having an obsessive compulsive disorder). My operating system is "Windows Vista". If you have a solution to this problem, that would really be a HUGE help, especially since I am using the YM for school work, academic updates and reminders (from certain classmates). Thanks in advance! Happy MyLotting!
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