I am comfirt with Arm chair. What about you friends?

@lou_is (668)
May 12, 2011 9:31am CST
Hi, usually i use to sit in Armed chair which is more comfirt than without. Because my hands can rest on those arms of chair and even for my body too. I like chairs with arm but not without. But today my friends and i went to a marriage party there i saw chairs without arm and it was not that much of comfirt for me to sit even my friends too. Before leaving that party hall i informed to the organiser who made or arranged paty that without arm person won't be confirtable. Then that person got confused then i said chairs without arm is not good to sit better it should have a pair of arm to feel comfirt. He told next time for my marriage means for his marriage party he will arrange armed chairs!!!! Its was a jokes apart while leaving that party hall. So friends what do you say or whats your opinion? I will stick on my statement what about you?
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@veejay19 (3592)
• India
13 May 11
I agree with you here.I also prefer sitting in a chair which has arms.In fact in my present condition i am forced to sit in a chair with arms.Actually i am sitting in a wheelchair for the last 20 years as i cannot walk or stand.If i were to sit in a chair without arms i would topple over and break my bones.Even when i was completely alright and normal i used to sit in armchairs.I have also seen that in marriages armless chairs are provided mainly because they are cheaper and stackable and don`t take up more space, but they are distinctly uncomfortable and when placed next to each other you are forced to keep your hands in the lap of the person next to you.
@lou_is (668)
• India
29 May 11
If you have that arm chair then it is easy for us to take rest if got tired in between the work. Other wise is really a very painful for me without that arm chair. Even in my office i prefer to use arm chair, previously it was chair without arms, then i informed to my boss and told that i am not comfirtable with this chair so please provide me armed chair then he has agreed to change the chair, so next day it was a arm chair. Then i was too much happy to sit and work.
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
12 May 11
Hi. lou_is. I prefer to sit in an arm chair too. It is so much more supportive than having a chair that is without an arm. I can hold onto it and I can adjust to it well. It is very comfortable to sit on a chair that has an arm on it.
• Canada
12 May 11
there are few chairs that are comfortable without arms. for me i personally like chairs with arms as well. to me it is better and nice and i enjoy comfort. but everyone has their own tastes in furniture some choose looks over comfort and others dont. to each their own.