Did you experienced going to a bar?

May 12, 2011 11:49pm CST
Together with my friends we visited City Lights bar and restaurant, we observe that they are very accommodating with every customer that enters in there establishment and serving the needs of every customers. It feels like you are at home when you're in that bar. Their employees work beyond their task like for instance their cashier work as a waiter if their is no available waiter. They also coordinate with each other just to accomplish their responsibility and meet the needs of their customers. We did have a good time at City lights bar and resto and it felt like you're very secure whenever you are there.Theirs a lot of people going there just to have fun and to relieve their stress. Is there another place like this in Baguio?
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@Marikaru (47)
• Philippines
13 May 11
That's nice I am near to that place. i hope I could visit there soon. I never tried going out here in baguio. but it is nice to know that there's a place here in baguio.
@khatty01 (32)
13 May 11
Wow! They have a good strategy. They also have workers who have good skills. If that's the case, they could retain their customers and they could still also increase the numbers of their customers because of the positive feedback on their service.