Can we achieve success if we work with sincerity?

@mallu30 (463)
May 13, 2011 1:25am CST
Sincerity is a virtue that determines the success of an individual. We have to be punctual in all the things and also help ourselves in doing things systematically. I have one or two experiences that after doing sincere and hard work I did not get success and I could not recover from the loss for a longer period. I felt very depressed and not taken any risk since then. Is sincerity and hard work did not work?
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• Philippines
14 May 11
I guess it depends on the industry. Some industries thrive on a comparative and manipulative atmosphere like the industries of law and sales. In those industries, truth is a commodity and sometimes, the truth is twisted in order for a person to have and make a living. Meanwhile, it guess sincerity can work in certain other industries. I don't know but I guess office politics is also at work. I mean, most jobs often require a person to be adaptable to cooperation and teamwork but certainly, there are people in the team who wish ill of others so that they can be noticed or get a promotion. It's like a survival thing. People often get greedy and crafty to meet their goals to achieve success and/or money. More often than not, big players often cheat to get themselves on a higher ground. It doesn't matter if they hurt a certain person or persons on the way just to get what they want.
@oninomar (506)
• Philippines
13 May 11
Hi good day to you.. I agree on what you said.. Sometimes even we have the determination and sacrifices, we can't still acquire a success. For the reason that success get by just one attempt.. We must have to experience Failures.. So that, we can learn many things from our failures, we can use it someday to improve our self and to improve the things that we have done before... We can't have success without failure..
@dpk262006 (56105)
• Delhi, India
13 May 11
Sincerity surely pays in the long run. Do not feel disappointed if you could not succeed earlier, please carry on, you will succeed one day.
@kathyglim (184)
• Philippines
13 May 11
Hi mallu, For me sincerity and hard work is a way of life. We just have to do it always and never expect anything for doing it. However if we always are sincere in what we do and give our utmost capacity on it, we can't count the blessings that are being returned for us. Don't feel depressed. There is always a time for success and blessings to come to you. As the saying goes, 'when it rain it pours'. Good luck!