did u ever love from the facebook

May 13, 2011 8:39am CST
many of my friend have told me that they made love relationships from the facebook,well at the beginning I thought it was weird but now i am engaged to a girl from the facebook,so what do u think about that?
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@blacks94 (161)
• Italy
13 May 11
I think it's quite weird, too. I mean, if you have a special relationship with another person, you should know her personally, not from behind a screen. And I'm not just talking about the phisical aspect. Facebook might be a good way to know more people, but in my opinion it's hard to know someone simply by exchanging mails and comments on the web. However, congratulations on your engagement, I'm happy for you.
13 May 11
thanx for the reply i appreciate it alot
@ekoytyas (4671)
• Indonesia
19 May 11
it was just a coincidence you get a couple of facebook. me and my boyfriend had a relationship almost 7 years and use facebook only for chat only.
@jordq7 (576)
• Philippines
15 May 11
Hi there asilwallace89!!! When you say relationship, are you pertaining to real life relationship or just a virtual relationship or just a plain status and no strings attached.Well for me if ever I will have a relationship status now in facebook I will prefer it to be SINGLE.And if ever I will have a relationship with someone in real life that would be the time that I will change my status in facebook. Well there is nothing wrong in using any relationship status in facebook as long as you have a proper reason for it and you wont harm anybody by doing so.
• United States
13 May 11
I personally beleive there is nothing like facebook love or internet love, there is only internet friend and lust, i beleive one can never love someone he/she has never met, well hope you get to meet her and know her in the real world before proposing to her, best of luck