Watching Casey Anthony Trial on InSession

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May 13, 2011 1:35pm CST
I've been watching the Casey Anthony trial on InSession and I have to say it's getting hard to take. The facts of the case are so obvious that I just don't understand how she can expect to walk away. If you watch her now, it seems like she is realizing that killing her daughter was a mistake with huge consequences. Even worse, the defense is suddenly hinting that her brother molested her and her parents are responsible is th motive????? WHAA???? Seems like someone is using Defense for Dummies to try and get out of the lethal injection. I wonder if her parents will still stand behind her now that she is throwing them under the bus? It looks like the defense is going for guilt but... They seem to almost to be acknowledging that she did it. At least they are smart enough to get that much. The child was missing for a month, she told no one, the babysitter she said had the child didn't exist. She took the police to her job and showed them around... she didn't work there. She was out partying with friends after the child disappeared. The body was found near her home. Someone put a heart shaped sticker on the ducttape around the child's head. She borrowed a shovel from a neighbor around that time and her car smelled like it had a dead body in it. Am I wrong here or is the defense just working for life imprison instead of a death penalty?
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25 Jun 11
I think she going to get off the murder charge now with the mother changing to she looked up the cholorform it going to be doubt now!
@stary1 (6622)
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13 May 11
I haven't really been watching this but I think I will start. I heard about it months ago when the news first broke and at the time I really did not think she could kill her own daughter. Since then I am changing my mind. I don't know all the details ..did anyone ever discuss a motive?