How do we know one have good karma or bad karma ?

@nitty66 (207)
May 13, 2011 3:18pm CST
People say when you do good deeds you will go to heaven after death. And if you do bad things you will go to hell after death. How far is this true ? My friend's mum is bed ridden for nearly 12 years (86 yrs). My friend use to say - what bad thing she has done , and why this bad karma is on her mum ? Is it proper for a daughter to say such words ? I can also understand, my friend is exhausted looking after her mum !
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• Indonesia
13 May 11
Well, in my believe no good things that we would get us to Heaven.... But bad things that we do will surely send us all to hell. And i thinks its not karma that your friend is going through right now.