Do you know any new way to make money online ?

new way to earn - Do you know a new way to make money online?
Hong Kong
May 14, 2011 4:29am CST
I think I have experience with the following ways to make money online whether i make money from all those ways or not. Make a website and earn from Google ads,paid blogging, earn from ads. ptc, surveys, article writing, ebooks, affiliate marketing, mlm, matrix,make money from social network,free lence jobs,etc. However, I still believe that there are always something new to make money online, if you can share something which I haven't tried it before, I would love to know that. But if there is something I have mentioned above, I don't think you have to responds to this topic.Thank you and see what your sharing will be.
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@amelly (1556)
• Malaysia
16 May 11 also having some problem with it since im a beginner..can u like.teach me?i joined few sites..but im still trying my best to get as much money as i cn..and abou having problem verifying it..ya mum won't let me used her credit card number and i want to use debit..but how am i going to do dat?because i haven't verified it till now..mylot took back the money i deserved to so sad...
@jackgone (50)
• China
15 May 11 our world today,the net is widely spread and it seems there are many ways to make money my experience,I have a online takes a lot of fun to me.May be I can not earn much money by it.but i really like it.regard it as a part of my life.perhaps,another way to earn money online is to buy lottery.if you are very lucky you can be get the rewards.thanks
• India
14 May 11
you forgot something only marketing, buying or selling goods in ebay , forex trading etc etc
@CatGods (4595)
• United States
14 May 11
You said: "I think I have experience with the following ways to make money online whether i make money from all those ways or not." What??? If you are not making money from some thing, then you have no experience. Because experience equals money. You make me laugh. If I told you that I have read all kinds of books on the Chinese language and that I have watched videos, but I'm not able to speak the language, does that me experienced? The answer is NO because I can't actually speak the language. Same goes for blogging for example. If I have read about blogging and don't have a blog, I'm not experienced. If I have a blog and it is not making me money, I'm still not experienced. Experience online means making money and if you are not making money at some thing, then you are not experienced in it.
@DoctorDidi (7030)
• India
14 May 11
I think you have mentioned all the ways to make money online and there is none left behind. But would you kindly explain what you mean by mlm, matrix and do you know any social network site except mylot which may be used for making money online?