Anna convinced the hostage taker which is Brando when his daughter died

Pasay, Philippines
May 15, 2011 2:38am CST
I was not able to watch the episode last Friday night. Good thing about it there is a replay every Sunday which is really good so that at least I could still follow it up. What happened was a big miracle that the hostage taker gave himself up to the police instead of pressing the bomb to kill himself including other people inside the hospital. Anna just became like Santino as well but the difference is that Anna convinced Brando in a way that a person must not imitate or he must be different from Anna by doing good instead of being a selfish like her. I think that could be a flow of this story that Anna is not a good example that we shouldn't be like her. Unlike in May Bukas Pa that Santino is a good example that we should be like him. When Anna gave an advised to Brando she was like a good Samaritan that she became selfless. But then after what she has done when Sophia has told her that she can be a good person it was like she became conscious of the good things she have done. Well I guess it is not yet her time to project 100% that she has her good heart because she is used to be an Anna that everybody hates her.
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