Feels like Im on vacation

United States
May 15, 2011 9:48pm CST
So we recently moved from WA state to San Diego. We have been in our new place for a month and I have to say it feels like were on vacation. We just took the kids to SeaWorld yesterday to meet up with friends who actually were on vacation. It was great. We went, had a great day and slept in our own beds. I even got sunburned. The weather is a complete opposite of WA. We grew up in CA, but didnt live here in beautiful San Diego. Were stationed to be here a few years and I wonder if it will continue to feel like this. Everything we do on vacation is now at our fingertips to enjoy when we feel like. We wont get exhausted trying to get everything done. If were tired we can come home and rest. We wont need a vacation from our vacation. Family is now 6 hours away instead of 2 days away. Im excited to share this with my kids. Has or does anyone else live in a spot where it just feels almost like a constant vacation? You dont have to leave to go on vacation because everything is at your door step? I dread moving anywhere else now.
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