For parents out there--do you have favoritism over your children? for the kids,

May 15, 2011 11:06pm CST
I feel sympathetic over a friend who works really hard and long hours (10-11 hours a day) just to earn enough to support her family. She doesnt complain about this but recently, when her mom would make her do household chores, she feels that it is really unfair because she is already working so hard at work and she still has to do the household chores instead of asking her sister who just stays at home all day doing nothing and doesnt even have a job... For parents out there, do you have a favoritism also? what makes you favor one child over the other?
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20 May 11
How old is your friend? Thats a lot of hours to be working. Does the sister have chores that are done while she isn't there? Is it your friends choice to work or not? I ask because when I was in high school if I wanted to drive I had to have a job, granted I worked a lot more then I had to but I didn't mind. I also had household chores I had to do everyday. That is part of being a grown up and learning responsibility. Now that I'm grown with kids of my own I don't get a break on household chores just cause I work. Maybe its not about favorites it's just what it is.
• Philippines
1 Jun 11
My friend is already 27 and her sister is already in the 30s! But her sister doesnt have any job so just stay at home all day. Which left her as the one who supports her family financially.. that's why she has to work really long hours just to earn enough.. My friend doesnt complain that she has to do the household chores, it's just sometimes she feels really tired and unfair because she feels that the whole family just depend on her completely and even some simple household chores have to be done by her instead of her sister who is literally just killing time at home.
@ddaguno (3110)
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16 May 11
my parents love both me and my brother on the same level but my brother always feels that my parents favor me more than him so if they give him a bit more attention, i dont really mind. my philosophy is... whoever has the ability to understand should be understanding.
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1 Jun 11
that's really nice of you ddaguno.. yes, i agree that whoever has the ability to understand and since they are all our family, then the more we should understand and try not to be jealous or compete with each other for our parent's attention or love.